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Trying to drink port in Gaia

For our last day in Porto, Catarina at 4Rooms booked us a tasting/tour at a port cave in Gaia. We had also promised our new friends at Saboriccia that we would stop by for a wine tasting, so after a late … Continue reading

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Sevilla in Pictures

We spent the next day wandering around, exploring Sevilla. We stumbled upon an austerity measures protest in the morning. The day got cold and was only forecast to get colder. Someone (me) did not do a good job of packing … Continue reading

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Headed to Spain: Monsaraz in pictures

TDL and I have this funny relationships with GPS systems. They always take us on the craziest backroads adventures. While driving around Northern California a couple years ago, we ended up on the sketchiest, most beautiful dirt road above a … Continue reading

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Weekend Scenes and Cook-up

This weekend was pretty study-oriented on my part, and prep-for-the-week-oriented on TDL’s part.  An unexpected snow storm made it easy to stay hunkered down, head fully in books. We did have the opportunity to get buzzed on kombucha, though, so … Continue reading

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