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Weekend Scenes and Cook-up

This weekend was pretty study-oriented on my part, and prep-for-the-week-oriented on TDL’s part.  An unexpected snow storm made it easy to stay hunkered down, head fully in books. We did have the opportunity to get buzzed on kombucha, though, so … Continue reading

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Weekend Scenes and Cook-Up

We have reached yet another transition point in our crazy lives. As I write this, TDL is headed to Kingman, AZ for his “capstone project,” which is basically an internship, in the Emergency Department. He will be there more than … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Beef Chili Stew

I consistently order the bison stew meat from US Wellness Meats. I blame Jan’s Sushi Bar for this fantastic recipe, which keeps me ordering stew meat despite the fact that I have made her recipe a zillion times and cannot … Continue reading

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Simple Roasted Cauliflower and a new toy

While I was galavanting around Austin, and my husband’s classmates were sunning themselves on sandy beaches on spring break, TDL was installing a new oven for the Dr. I work for. TDL is a pretty handy guy (in Bozeman he … Continue reading

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Tapioca Puddin’ Recipe

For me, the safe starch thing is not a big deal. I think optimizing health is less a matter of macronutrients than it is of food quality. Everyone can determine for themselves (or with their doctor, nutritionist, etc) what is … Continue reading

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Eating clean in the middle of nowhere (hint: pack a cooler)

TDL, the husband, is in a one year accelerated nursing program. At Northern Arizona University that means a frantic dash all over the state of Arizona in an attempt to complete the clinical hours of four years in 12 months. … Continue reading

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Asian Scallion Meatballs and Nourishing Seaweed Soup (with my ugliest food photos to date!)

It’s the new year, but I am not big on resolutions- if I feel I need to make a change, I make it, time of year be damned. See this post for things I am working on. This year will … Continue reading

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Where you can find us on a Saturday night… (and an enchilada recipe)

Before we moved to Flagstaff I worked at restaurants, so on a typical Saturday night I would be working until midnight or later. Afterwards, I would hit up a bar with friends or meet up with TDL wherever he happened … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Chicken Curry Thighs with Chutney

This was one of those meals that we threw together somewhat hesitantly and haphazardly, combining several recipes and our own ideas, and we were pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be fantastic. We grabbed our slow cooker and threw … Continue reading

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Chwelah- which I presume is Nepali for spicy shredded paleo chicken deliciousness

This is hands-down my favorite thing to do with chicken.  It is so simple, and so flavorful.  My recommendation is to prep everything in bowls before turning on the heat, so I organized the recipe accordingly.  From Oregon Live. Chwelah … Continue reading

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