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Making others feel welcome

When I wrote about being the Old Skinny during a bout of insomnia (much like tonight) I had no idea anyone was going to read it.  Frankly, I am too sensitive to put myself out there to be judged by … Continue reading

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On Thriving

The first video post of my M.S. in Nutrition and Functional Medicine program was an intro to the program and to functional medicine by the director, Dr. Alex Vasquez.  Dr. Vasquez seems remarkable: a DC, ND, and DO who is … Continue reading

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I am the old skinny

I realize I am (as usual) late to the conversation, but this has been swimming around in my head for years and the recent paleosphere’s discussion on body image made me need to attempt to write it down. I am … Continue reading

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Things that scare me

On the plane ride to Austin I read most of the ebook Flinch by Julien Smith, something I had heard about on Robb Wolf’s fantastic podcast. To horribly paraphrase, The Flinch is about that moment where your brain tells you … Continue reading

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Eating clean in the middle of nowhere (hint: pack a cooler)

TDL, the husband, is in a one year accelerated nursing program. At Northern Arizona University that means a frantic dash all over the state of Arizona in an attempt to complete the clinical hours of four years in 12 months. … Continue reading

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Seeing a functional medicine doctor, an insider’s perspective, Part I

The 14 months I have worked for a MD who practices functional medicine have changed my life. This time has convinced me that functional medicine is a powerful, logical, necessary, way of practicing medicine. (If you are reading this thinking, … Continue reading

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Working on my weaknesses…

I just returned from the Weston A Price Foundation’s Wise Traditions conference in Dallas. Weston A Price was a dentist in the 1930’s who, mystified with the dental issues of Americans, traveled the world in search of isolated traditional societies … Continue reading

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