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Salimos Sonora, Mexico

So the past two posts pretty much detailed our quick trip to Banámichi, but I do have some pictures of our last day, which was another gorgeous day, perfect for a long(ish) trip back to Tucson. We took a different route, … Continue reading

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Vamos a Sonora, Mexico, Continued

Okay, so after that drive, I was ready for a bacanora or two, preferably in a hammock on a rooftop patio looking at a beautiful sunset. So you can imagine our delight as we pulled into Banámichi and checked into Hotel … Continue reading

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Vamos a Sonora, Mexico

TDL and I have a habit of changing our plans at the last minute. If we have something planned (a trip, grad school, moving…) and it suddenly doesn’t feel right, we will drop it at a moment’s notice and go … Continue reading

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Getting back to our dirtbag roots, St George

When I met TDL, he worked at a gear shop and his life was a series of climbing trips and skiing adventures. He was pretty much a dirtbag. I have always preferred living out of my car and would rather … Continue reading

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Lisbon in Pictures

We began our last day in Portugal by walking from our hotel to the Praça do Comércio. Along the way, we checked out Mude, Lisbon’s free design museum. It was a great way to get out of the rain and we … Continue reading

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Solar do Vinho do Porto, Lisbon

We may have not found Lisbon’s best restaurants or hotels, but we did find Solar do Vinho do Porto, and that made all the difference. For us, this was the place to taste port. We had a blast there and I think it … Continue reading

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I need to finish up our Portugal trip (over a month later). Our last destination was Lisbon. I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to write about Lisbon. I feel like we didn’t really succeed in … Continue reading

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