Solar do Vinho do Porto, Lisbon


We may have not found Lisbon’s best restaurants or hotels, but we did find Solar do Vinho do Porto, and that made all the difference. For us, this was the place to taste port. We had a blast there and I think it is a must-visit while in Lisbon.


It is not a trendy, modern-looking place. It was quiet and calm the two nights we were there, making it easy to get comfortable with a glass of tawny goodness. The servers were adorable older men who spent the time they weren’t helping us gossiping in Portuguese around the corner. The menu is a bit intimidating at first, but our server gave us a helpful hint: the ports are priced to reflect quality. The higher the price, the better the port; no guessing or tricks involved. The prices are reasonable, and make it easy it try several ports (as much as you can handle!). I got to try a port that was born the same year as me! Here are some pictures of the menu, some of them have my fingers pointing at the fantastic ports we tried.

port mosiacI hope my poor-quality iPhone pictures convinced you to check out the Solar next time you’re in Lisbon. Just go there, dammit!


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One Response to Solar do Vinho do Porto, Lisbon

  1. Rudy says:

    It sounds as fantastic as the one in Porto with a rose garden terrace over looking the Douro River.
    I will most definitively look for the Solar do Vinho do Porto in Lisbon the next time we are there. Thanks.

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