Trying to drink port in Gaia

For our last day in Porto, Catarina at 4Rooms booked us a tasting/tour at a port cave in Gaia. We had also promised our new friends at Saboriccia that we would stop by for a wine tasting, so after a late breakfast we headed over to our favorite shop. There, we met some of the fascinating residents of Foz do Douro and had a blast drinking wine with them and hearing their stories. They gave us some amazing recommendations (a fish restaurant, a wine shop, a downtown restaurant, and where to go to the bars), but it was our last day in Porto, and we already had dinner reservations, so we didn’t get to check out any of the suggestions. I am sharing this little notepaper of recommendations, written by a Porto local, in the hopes that someone out in the interwebs may be able to take advantage of it on their travels to Porto.


We reluctantly left Saboriccia to try to make it on time to our port tasting. The cute little trolley that runs from Foz do Douro to downtown had other plans, and we didn’t get very far before the trolley was stopped by a car parked on its tracks. The trolley operator didn’t have any luck finding the car’s driver, so we walked the rest of the way downtown and then crossed the river to Vila Nova de Gaia.

IMG_0800By this time, we were too late to make the tasting that had been scheduled for us, so we dodged the tourists and guys selling riverboat tours to grab some pictures before heading uphill.

Oporto-Gaia - 6 Oporto-Gaia - 3As a local told us, Gaia exists for its view of Porto. The best views, many of the port tasting rooms, and the popular hotel, The Yeatman, are essentially on the top of a hill straight up from the river. Storm clouds were quickly rolling in, so, motivated by the chance to taste some tawny port, we speed-walked up a narrow street, hoping to find a tasting room along the way.

IMG_0807We got a little lost, but at the top of the hill was an incredible view of Gaia and Porto.

Walk up to Taylor, Gaia - 06 DSC_0403 IMG_0816 DSC_0406

We actually had to walk downhill to get to the Taylor tasting room. At Saboriccia, we had been talking to the Taylor marketing director, and we knew Taylor made a good port (it’s called Taylor-Fladgate in the states), so we decided it would be our first tasting in Gaia.

We arrived just before 17:00, so our first tasting in Gaia was also our last (don’t feel bad for us, we drank plenty of port on our trip). I decided to go big, ordering a 30 year tawny; TDL went for the 20 year. Hell yes, they were delicious. Happy times ensued.

IMG_0822 DSC_0410It was a good day. After fueling up on port, we wandered around the city a bit longer before celebrating our last night in Porto with dinner at ODE Porto Wine House.

Oporto, by the river - 2

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1 Response to Trying to drink port in Gaia

  1. Cheryl in NC says:

    Wow! How beautiful at night! I’m not much of a wine drinker, btw, but you certainly make it sound tempting. 🙂

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