(photo by EPlove)

The last week of March marked our 3rd wedding anniversary. Our actual wedding was at the courthouse in Indio, CA, but we spent the week of our wedding in Joshua Tree with our families and a couple friends. It was perfect and low-key. If you have any interest, more photos can be found here at the blog of our phenomenal photographers, EP Love. (And if you are in need of photographing, I cannot recommend them enough.) While I am on the subject, I can’t talk about our wedding without talking about the stunning Sacred Sands guest retreat, where we stayed during our wedding week. I really cannot say enough about the service, attention to detail, and luxurious accommodations at Sacred Sands. The owners, Scott and Steve, could not be more kind and generous. For example, when they found out we didn’t have a wedding cake, they had their chef bake us the most delicious cake, and served it to us and our family with champagne.


(Photo by EPlove)

Fast forward three years: we had no specific anniversary plans, so when TDL got back from Kingman on Tuesday, we decided we needed to do something spontaneous, even though he had to be back at work early Friday morning. We loaded up the car Tuesday night, and left early Wednesday morning, with plans to climb Wednesday, camp in Joshua Tree, and climb Thursday before heading home. Spring break thwarted our plans in a big way, and after driving almost 4 hours, we discovered there wasn’t a single camping spot available. Hotels were all booked or required a two-night minimum. There was a lot of driving, grumbling, and a bit of stress before we decided to just enjoy our day in the park and return home that night. It wasn’t the relaxing return to Joshua Tree we had hoped for, but nothing about our relationship and our life together goes according to plan, so we’re quite accustomed to embracing the adventure.

DSC_0004 DSC_0010 DSC_0012DSC_0017 DSC_0021 Mohave Desert - 12In my humble opinion, what makes TDL and I work so well is our commitment to always bettering our relationship and not stagnating. As part of this commitment, after we got married, we decided we will only be married for one year at a time. It may sound strange, but our anniversary marks a date where we formally assess how things are going and decide if this is something we want to do for another year (obviously this is a continuous process, but the year mark is when we lay it all out on the table and make sure we are still committed and excited and ready for one more year). Our long drive(s) gave us plenty of opportunity for discussion. We are both excited for one more year of marriage; next year we plan on celebrating with by returning to our favorite hotel on the planet-  Sacred Sands.

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