Porto in the Rain

It was a cold, rainy day in Porto, and we were still feeling a little fragile from our food poisoning, but we tried not to let it stop us from exploring. We walked from Foz do Douro to the Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves, which has a beautiful garden, perfect for explorations. When the rain and cold got to be a little too much, we had some wonderful tea at the Casa de Chá.


Jardim de Serralves, Oporto - 05

DSC_0331After the gardens, we kept walking toward the downtown area, stopping for lunch along the way.

I just realized I haven’t yet shared one of the most helpful tips for getting around in Portugal when you don’t speak Portuguese: speak Spanish. Before our trip, I thought this may be rude, but Margarita at Vilacampina and many other Portuguese people assured us it was not. There are enough similarities between Portuguese and Spanish that most, but not all, Portuguese people can understand some Spanish (if they don’t speak it, which is quite common). We usually ended up speaking what I called “Portu-span-glish,” a mix of Portuguese, Spanish, and English, and 99% of the time, it worked. It helps that many people in Portugal are polyglots!

After lunch, we walked around the gallery district and tried to visit the Casa da Música, but things pretty much ended up looking like this:


So we decided to take the bus back to our cozy apartment and do this instead:

IMG_0170While we were there, this seemed like one of those days that we didn’t quite get right. But, we had beautiful spring flowers, port, Portuguese wine, and an amazing place to stay, so, looking back, I guess we didn’t do so bad after all.

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