Eats in Vila do Bispo


While staying in Sagres, TDL and I spent the majority of our car-time pronouncing the name of the nearby town of Vila do Bispo in a Portuguese accent. Yes, we are strange. But it is really fun to say and saying it over and over helped us with other Portuguese pronunciations. Vila do Bispo is also where we had dinner our last night in the Algarve, at a restaurant called Ribeira do Poço. Ribeira do Poço had been highly recommended by Sofia at Vilacampina and it was in the “Living Sagres” pamphlet, meaning we got a free treat. The treat in this case was lapas na chapa. We had no idea what that was, and I was fully expecting something like eel that I wouldn’t touch. I was pleasantly surprised when they brought out this:


Yay for… limpets! The owner saw we were excited about the dish and came out to tell us a little more about it. Lapas na chapa are not commonly eaten in mainland Portugal, despite being abundant on the coasts. When the owner visited the Portuguese islands, he noticed how popular and delicious lapas na chapa were there, so he decided to start harvesting them himself and serving them at his restaurant. They have a fun chewy texture and are quite tasty; I highly recommend trying such a unique treat.


The fresh fish at Ribeira do Poço is an obvious choice, especially since you get to pick it out yourself! The owner can tell you where each fish in the case is from and when it was caught. Sofia recommended getting a giant fish-head dish that is meant to be shared, but I chickened out and ordered meat. TDL enjoyed his freshly caught sole. For dessert, we had another traditional fig cake. Now that we’re back in the states, I really miss those fig cakes (and the entire rest of Portugal). To summarize, Vila do Bispo is not just a fun name to pronounce, it’s an adorable little town with a delicious seafood restaurant, Ribeira do Poço.

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