The Wild Beauty that is Sagres

Sometimes you have to drive through this:

IMG_0647To get to this:


After hydroplaning our way across the Algarve, we arrived in Sagres, at the southwestern tip of Portugal, and checked into our room at Memmo Baleeira, a larger hotel than where we had been staying, but wonderful all the same (my TripAdvisor review). The front desk always went out of their way for us and the rooms were clean and very comfortable. We were upgraded to a bay view (see picture above) and were extra pleased to see little peeps of blue sky (again, see picture above).

While we waited for more of that lovely blue sky to come out, we walked down to the bay to A Tasca for some lunch. The restaurant is super cute, if a little touristy. We ordered some pickled carrots as a couvert- yum- and were super excited to order some oysters. They were shucked table-side, which was so cool, and they tasted fantastic (once I got over the ‘ick’ factor of how large they were). TDL ordered a traditional squid dish of squid stuffed with rice and more squid, served in a clay pot with a tasty red sauce. I ordered some vegetable soup. (“Legumes” in Portuguese means “vegetables.” You’ll often see “sopa legumes” on the menus- it’s vegetable soup, not bean soup.) Everything was tasty and we really enjoyed our meal, even if our server wouldn’t let me take a picture of her shucking the oysters.


After we finished eating, Portugal hooked us up with some (relatively) amazing weather. We jumped in the car and went exploring. Photos below include Cabo de San Vicente, Ponta Ruiva, Cordoama, Castelejo, and just about everything in between.

DSC_0206DSC_0216 DSC_0218 DSC_0215 DSC_0220







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3 Responses to The Wild Beauty that is Sagres

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  2. Cheryl in NC says:

    Again with some amazing skies!! Makes me want to take up oils and a brush and put it on canvas, especially number 5 counting from the bottom to the top! Just beautiful!! You have a nice eye! What kind of camera do you use, if you don’t mind my asking? (And no, I know nothing about cameras, but my daughter is thinking of taking a photography class and I just might join her. 🙂 Thanks again for sharing. Really loving the photos (almost as much as I used to love your recipes, and that’s saying something, lol! 🙂

    • Thanks so much! It was so beautiful there, and the lighting was perfect, so I think any camera would have captured it. We use a Nikon D5100; it’s a good beginner camera, I think. TDL is the photographer for most of these, he really enjoys it.

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