Skincare while traveling

Last time TDL took a big trip together, it was nearly 3 months of chicken-bussing around Central America. We packed very light and didn’t really worry about looking nice. My main beauty product was coconut oil (actually an excellent item to bring while traveling- you can eat it, moisturize with it, shave with it, use it as chapstick… the uses are infinite really). This time, we were still packing light (too light, actually- we had to buy winter clothes so we didn’t freeze while we were there), but we were going to be staying in pretty nice hotels and wanted to look pretty good. I am not a big skincare person- I can’t get started down that road, or we wouldn’t have any money to travel with- but I wanted to make sure we were comfortable, fresh, and clean. I actually found a couple nice items to bring that really helped, especially on the looooong flights, so I wanted to share them with y’all.

Dry Shampoo: Oh my god, where has dry shampoo been all my greasy-haired life? Back in the days when I used to do fieldwork and be without showers for weeks at a time, I would have killed for this stuff. I got the Oscar Blandi Pronto from Sephora and loved it. It smells fresh, really makes me feel cleaner, and my hair looks like I put forth effort (ha!). It doesn’t last forever though; my greasy hair stayed clean for about 5-6 hours after an application.


Wipes: Obviously. Face wipes, other wipes, and hand sanitizer are all absolute musts for germaphobes like me. I enjoyed these Ole Henriksen face wipes from Sephora, and the EO lavender wipes and lemon hand sanitizer from Whole Foods. I should say, I have sensitive, acne prone skin, and the Ole Henriksen wipes did not cause any irritation or breakouts.

s1280015-main-hero Wipes_24ct_MGel_2oz_Lem_M

Argan Oil: I’ve been loving Tarte’s Maracuja Oil at night. The bottle is too big to take on a trip, so I decided to try some Argan Oil (not sure why I am capitalizing that, but it looks weird not capitalized and I am just grateful I don’t write a grammar blog). I was surprised how much we used it and loved it! On the trip, we used it as: a face moisturizer, hand moisturizer, cuticle-healer, hair tamer (a drop rubbed in before blow-drying helped my hair not be frizzy in the humidity), beard treatment to make TDL’s luscious face-hair soft and smooth, and as a leather treatment for TDL’s boots (!!!).


Other tips I have: be sure your deodorant, toothbrush, and toothpaste are in your carry-on for long flights, bring something that smells good to combat the stank of a plane, and if you are like me, Xanax + plane = happy, but no Xanax on a plane = freakout. I didn’t have any Xanax. It’s not the fear of crashing; it’s the people, the smelly, sick people, and being trapped next to them for too many hours.

Anyway! Now that I have shared my neuroses and my love of Sephora with you, tell me what you like to bring on trips. And, as always, no one gives me anything to write this blog, so this is stuff I paid for and genuinely love.

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2 Responses to Skincare while traveling

  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    These are great travel skincare tips. Argan oil is amazing!

    – KW

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