Back, back to Portugal- Vilacampina

After our night in Sevilla, we needed something to help with the hangover (which was not nearly as bad as it would have been if we had drank that much wine in the states- maybe Spanish wine has less nasty shit in it?), so we headed downtown to get some Spanish tortillas, some sexy Spanish boots for lucky me, and to take some pictures.

Late in the afternoon, we arrived in Portugal, at the stunning Vilacampina guesthouse. Vilacampina is located on the outskirts of the very small town of Luz de Tavira. It is peaceful and serene, but very close (if you have a car) to Tavira, Santa Luzia, and the rest of the eastern Algarve (Portugal is small, so it’s close to everything really). We were greeted by Ria, a hilarious Portuguese water dog, and the gorgeous owner of Vilacampina, Sofia. Sofia showed us around and, wow! When we looked at the pictures on the Vilacampina website, we were doubtful that it could look that pristine in real life, but it does. It’s even better in real life, because Sofia and Margarita (I’m probably spelling that wrong) are there, making you feel like family. They gave us incredible recommendations for all of Portugal, helped us with our Portuguese, let me use their cold medicine when I got a cold, drank wine with us, etc., etc.. (Again, I did a TripAdvisor review.)

Sidenote: Vilacampina is very close to where Portuguese water dogs came from. They were bred to help the fishermen by chasing the fish into their nets. We were hoping to visit the preserve where Ria is (literally) from, but torrential downpours kept us away. Next time.


Almond blossoms at Vilacampina

Almond blossoms at Vilacampina


Olive groves at Vilacampina


So nice to cozy up by the fire with some wine and a book

TDL and Margarita brought me breakfast in bed when I was sick

TDL and Margarita brought me breakfast in bed when I was sick

If you aren’t convinced, the other party that was staying there when we arrived was Sofia’s first guest from 8 years ago- he has been coming there every year since she opened!

That night, we went to Aquasul, in Tavira. It was a nice change. Not at all Portuguese, but we drank a yummy Portuguese wine. We ordered off the specials board. The food was fresh and flavorful; the appetizers being the most memorable for me. I had a delicious homemade pâté with radishes and salad and TDL had a salad with beets and brie.


I honestly don’t remember what we ate for dinner. Mostly because I was tired. But I do remember it was good and I think Aquasul is a nice option for some non-Portugese food in Portugal.

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5 Responses to Back, back to Portugal- Vilacampina

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  4. Cheryl in NC says:

    The photo of that dog is hilarious! So adorable! I can’t look at him without smiling. Also, I’ve never heard of a Portugese water dog. Very interesting!

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