Headed to Spain: Monsaraz in pictures

TDL and I have this funny relationships with GPS systems. They always take us on the craziest backroads adventures. While driving around Northern California a couple years ago, we ended up on the sketchiest, most beautiful dirt road above a river. The road was barely wide enough for our Subaru and there was a sheer cliff drop to the raging river below on one side and a cliff face on the other. We couldn’t turn around, and we had no idea what we would do if another car came. Thankfully we lived to tell the tale and we have seen parts of CA that few other people have seen.

This trip wasn’t as death-defying, but we still ended up seeing some beautiful, very lightly traveled country on the Spanish-Portuguese border. From Évora, we made our way to Monsaraz, a shockingly scenic little town on a hilltop overlooking the Rio Guadiana and Spain. I’m sure Monsaraz receives a lot of tourist traffic during the summer, but on the day we were there, we were the only tourists.








The day couldn’t have been more beautiful, but we wanted to get to Sevilla, so after a couple hours, we hopped back in the car. I’m still not sure what road the GPS took us on, but our border crossing was pretty uneventful- just a sign on the side of the road. We certainly didn’t get the Spain stamp in our passport that we were hoping for (next time!). Maybe a lamb or cow could have helped us with that.


The road was winding and it was taking forever, but we got to drive by this gorgeous town. I wish I remember what it was called. It was in Portugal, very close to the border.

DSC_0084Eventually we left the lovely rolling hills and happy grazing cows to find a major highway. Next up, Sevilla.

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3 Responses to Headed to Spain: Monsaraz in pictures

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  2. CherylH in NC says:

    Beautiful photos! And I was thinking that the photo of “gorgeous town” might make a gorgeous painting as well! Or at least, a really interesting one. BTW, how courageous to just leave yourselves in the hands of your GPS! I’m having to be dragged a bit into the modern era, and GPSs still leave me dubious. Just give me a good map, thank you. Guess I need more control, lol! Anyway, thanks for sharing! Wishing I were there right now, the scenery looks so peaceful. And those skies!

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