Weekend Scenes and Cook-up

This weekend was pretty study-oriented on my part, and prep-for-the-week-oriented on TDL’s part.  An unexpected snow storm made it easy to stay hunkered down, head fully in books.

We did have the opportunity to get buzzed on kombucha, though, so that was pretty cool.  Kejiwa, our local kombucha wizards, made a double-ferment with honey and 111 herbs (or something like that).  All I know was it tasted fantastic- like a less-sweet mead and was enough to make this light-weight feel pretty good!

Here’s what we cooked to get us through the upcoming week (TDL’s last week living in the Travelodge!):

-First, this recipe that I mentioned last week was incredible.  After four days of brining, I stuck the whole thing (brine+meat) in the slow cooker for 12 hours.  It was a little salty, so maybe next time I will reduce the salt in the brine?  With some kraut, it is heavenly!
Pot Roast (I should’ve used Paleo Comfort Foods much-superior recipe.)
The Food Lovers short ribs. Oh sweet short rib, are these delicious! The bacon fat/broth liquid that results from the time in the slow cooker is so good- I drizzled it on kale!
Creamy cabbage and potatoes (cover your eyes, paleo purists!  I used buckwheat flour in place of regular flour.)
-A double-sized Primal Breakfast Casserole from MDA (this is a TDL favorite and doubling it makes a massive amount of food)
Tapioca Puddin’ (gotta have my puddin’!)
-A recipe that will soon be a post…
Cumin Carrot Coins
-Baba Ganoush
-My lunch this week will be salads with veggies, avocado, and the phenomenal Kasandrinos Imports EVOO– buy it. No, seriously. BUY IT.

OK, here’s a couple pictures:

If you did something exciting this weekend, tell me!  I would love to live vicariously through you!

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2 Responses to Weekend Scenes and Cook-up

  1. That sounds pretty much like my weekend, minus that delicious Kombucha. I baked a chicken, baby back ribs, hamburger patties and grain free muffins for the week. I like your blog.

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