Simple Roasted Cauliflower and a new toy

The completed project

While I was galavanting around Austin, and my husband’s classmates were sunning themselves on sandy beaches on spring break, TDL was installing a new oven for the Dr. I work for. TDL is a pretty handy guy (in Bozeman he had a little side business called Todd Jobs- like odd jobs, get it?), but this project pushed him to his max. He even, when unable to find anyone else knowledgeable enough to do it, taught himself how to cut granite.

Our tiny kitchen, made cool by the new camera

The project turned out awesome, and as a present, we got him a Nikon D5100. TDL has been missing having a camera since he lost his D100 in a nasty breakup before we met. Since the new beauty arrived, he has been like a kid with a new toy, and I am excited to have a photographer for this blog. Food photography is an art in itself, so this should be a fun project for my hyperactive husband. I can’t wait to see how the pictures change as we learn more.

So, this recipe. Mostly an excuse to post pictures with the new camera, but on its own, an excellent way to prepare cauliflower. Roasting whole garlic cloves is a great way to end up with garlic that is neither burnt nor too pungent. It is the best garlic trick I know.

Simple Roasted Cauliflower

Simple Roasted Cauliflower

One head cauliflower, cut into equal(ish) sized florets
Butter, ghee, coconut oil: choose your fat and melt it!
Garlic cloves, peeled but not chopped or smashed, as many as you’d like

Place the cauliflower and whole garlic cloves in roasting tray, and coat with the melted fat (we used ~1/4 cup of raw, cultured butter) and sprinkle generously with salt. Toss well to coat all the cauliflower with the fatty, salty goodness. Roast at 400 F until the florets start to get golden brown (we live at 7000 ft and have an ancient oven, so it took us over an hour). We like to then throw the oven on broil for a minute to get the cauliflower nice and crispy.

Remove from the oven and squeeze a lemon over the cauliflower. Add some capers and drizzle with EVOO. Easy yums!

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3 Responses to Simple Roasted Cauliflower and a new toy

  1. Eggkins says:

    oh yum!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Mmmmmm. I love roasted veggies and this sounds delicious!! Never thought to add some capers at the end, but I will from now on. Thanks!

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