Things I like that you can buy or make

Having a blog is somewhat cathartic to me. You see, all my life I have always been “writing” in my head; but I am not very creative, so my head-writing, as I will call it, is basically just me recounting to myself the day’s events or my random thoughts. Uh yeah, a diary in my head.

So now with a blog, the whole world gets to see my head-writing (shhh, don’t tell me no one reads this) and I get to feel like I have produced something.

Anyhooo, what my head-writing consisted of today was a list of my stuff I am loving lately. And I was like, “great idea, head-writing, let’s make a blog post outa that!”

So here we are.

(I have no affiliation with any of these companies and do not receive any compensation, monetary or otherwise, for my blathering on this blog.)

1. Sandalwood incense. It seems weird to me to buy something from a celebrity doctor. But once I smelled this, I had to buy it. This is not your college hippie incense. This stuff smells the way I want everything to smell. Subtle. Exotic. Clean. It will make your house smell fantastic.


2. Homemade mounds balls. Because sometimes you feel like a nut… Take buttery (not melted) coconut oil, a little honey, macadamia nut oil, a touch of salt, shredded coconut, and vanilla, and put ingredients in a bowl. Mix, tasting while you go to see how much of everything to add. Then wet your hands and roll into balls. Roll the balls in cocoa powder. Stick in the fridge and wait about 30 minutes. They will be so, so yummy. Here’s an ugly picture (you would think I could at least roll them into pretty, not grossly misshapen, balls, but no.):


3. Homemade deodorant. I have made my own deodorant for about a year now, using this recipe from Vanilla and Lace. I love it. It is the only deodorant I have ever worn that works. I still sweat, but no stank. Well, the recipe got a whole lot better with this tip from Nourished Living. Essentially, you whip the coconut oil before putting it in the deodorant and it makes it easy to apply even in the dead of winter.

4. Beeswax candles from Bluecorn Naturals. I’ll admit, I probably couldn’t afford to burn these so much if I didn’t get them wholesale from my work. But, if you are going to burn candles, please don’t burn petroleum candles. Burn nice candles that clean the air, like these. I love the aromatherapy scents. And they have a really long burn time.


5. Soap from Auromere Ayurvedic. Again with the good smells. This post is really just “stuff I like that smells good.”. And this soap does smell fantastic. It doesn’t leave my skin dry and it comes in such a pretty wrapper that it makes me want to pretend to be a grownup and display it in a guest bathroom (which our 500 sq ft house does not have). Slight downside: the bars are kind of small.


6. I know everyone else in the paleosphere has already said it, but I truly adore Melissa Joulwan’s cookbook, Well Fed. I have made about 3/4 of the recipes in it and every. single. one. is fantastic and flavorful. I mostly cook from blogs so I can post recipes I have tried to my work Facebook page (and because they are free). But lately, I have had nothing to post on facebook because I am too busy cooking everything out of Well Fed. Anyway, just get the damn book already.

Thanks for reading. If you are new here, I give you extra thanks. I write this blog in an effort to be a part of the real food community, and I love to hear your thoughts. I am working on getting better so hang out awhile and we will grow together!

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4 Responses to Things I like that you can buy or make

  1. Amy says:

    With a testimonial like that, how can I not get the book? I’ve been spending wayyyyy too much time on the internets looking for/at recipes, I have. Sold, to the newly-paleo lady with the bad google habit! (although, that’s how I found you! 🙂

    And… deodorant that works? Really and truly? Wowza. I gotta check that out.

    • Yey! You will love it, I promise! And feel free to check out my work’s Facebook page (I linked to it in the post) for recipes I have tried and loved. Nom Nom Paleo is a great recipe site if you haven’t already found it. If you make the deodorant, let me know what you think. Last batch I made I used citrus essential oil and it was fabulous.

  2. Eggkins says:

    I am going to buy some macadamia oil and I will make these little mound balls.

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