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Eating clean in the middle of nowhere (hint: pack a cooler)

TDL, the husband, is in a one year accelerated nursing program. At Northern Arizona University that means a frantic dash all over the state of Arizona in an attempt to complete the clinical hours of four years in 12 months. … Continue reading

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Seeing a functional medicine doctor, an insider’s perspective, Part I

The 14 months I have worked for a MD who practices functional medicine have changed my life. This time has convinced me that functional medicine is a powerful, logical, necessary, way of practicing medicine. (If you are reading this thinking, … Continue reading

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Things I like that you can buy or make

Having a blog is somewhat cathartic to me. You see, all my life I have always been “writing” in my head; but I am not very creative, so my head-writing, as I will call it, is basically just me recounting … Continue reading

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On vanity

When I was about 10 years old, my grandma offered to pay for me to get a nose job. I was a funny looking kid: basically a pimply face and giant nose on top of a stick body. I was … Continue reading

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