My immunity support

My immunity support; in addition to eating clean and exercise, that is.  TDL and I both work in medical offices and are around sick people a lot.  This is difficult for me, as I am a germaphobe and I tend to get a bit paranoid when someone as much as coughs around me.  Luckily, I work for a M.D. who practices functional medicine and I have cabinets full of supplements at my disposal.  These are my two favorites for immunity support.  I fully credit these two supplements and our diet for TDL and I not getting sick since returning from our honeymoon in November.

Whenever one of us gets coughed on (fun!) or feels like we may be getting sick, we take a couple dropper-fulls of ECH+ in a glass of water, twice a day.  As far as the Mycotaki goes, we take 2-3 pills, 3 times a day.  Of course, lots of sleep, good food, and several neti pots are also part of our regime.  (And I guess I should mention: this is just what works for us.  I am not a doctor, just someone obsessed with health).  Salud!

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Are you familiar with the homeopathic remedy Oscillococcinum (sp?)? Fantastic, just fantastic for flu!! Even if you don’t take it until the symptoms are well-entrenched, it’ll knock out the “flu” symptoms and just leave what seems like an ordinary cold (but it’s best to take it just at the first hint of trouble). That’s my remedy for most Upper GI things, ’cause you just never know when it’ll turn out to be the dreaded “flu”! And even when it’s not, it still seems to help. 🙂 That, and Golden Seal tea & extract (or Olive Leaf), and hydrogen peroxide…and diet. One or the other seems to work with most things we’ve encountered: ringworm (12 cats, myself & daughter in less than 2 months using only the Golden Seal extract internally & externally); severe conjunctivitis (sp?); chronic ear infections in granddaughter (milk allergy); etc. The H2O2 even got rid of maggots & infection in a cat’s deeply infested paw wound after the vet said it could only be treated through surgery; and I cured a cat of FUS with a raw food diet (thank you, Dr. Pitcairn), when the books (and vet) say it is most always fatal. I’m a great believer in home remedies, so thanks so much for sharing yours!

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